Hackful Europe Reader


This application is a RSS feed reader for Hackful Europe, with support for the Frontpage, New and Ask feeds.

It is only available on Android, and has support for both mobile phones and tablets with the same application, and works on devices starting on version 1.6 of the Android Operating System.

For each device has a different application layout. On a mobile phone screen it would only show the list of news items from the feed, and when you click on one the web browser is opened with the post link URL.

On a tablet, having more screen space, the news items list is shown on the left side of it, and to the right is an embedded web browser. When an item is clicked, the post link URL is loaded inside the application.

Also, if you make a long press, a dialog is shown with two options available, open the post link or open the post page at Hackful. This feature is available on both mobile phones and tablets.

Here are some screenshot from the application:

This is the tablet view with the horizontal layout


This is the tablet view with a vertical layout


This is the mobile phone view with a vertical layout


And this one is on the mobile phone with a horizontal layout

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